Richard Suarez

Richard Suarez was born in Havana, Cuba, but raised in Spain, Alaska, and Florida. This weird blend of cultures is what influences the heart of his music, also artists like Haydn, Chucho Valdes, Arturo Sandoval, and Pink Floyd, an interesting blend. He has played Acoustic guitar for most of his life since he was 10, but also plays other instruments like flute, clarinet, saxophone, Latin percussions, piano, and other types of guitars, like the Cuban Tres and Electric. He was also in choir all through High School and was featured in a couple of solos.

He is also a Spanish/English songwriter & composer, that fuses his love for psychedelic music, Latin music, Flamenco, and big orchestrations. He produced EDM music for a while and was featured in Spinnin Records Talent Pool many times and won a songwriter contest in 2020 for his song “The Love Therapist”.

He is currently living in Orlando and pursuing a degree in Music Production at Full Sail University but before that he was his own tutor in music, coming from a family of people mostly in the film industry he never had somebody to teach him the essentials, but that helped him expand his own ground better and learn by himself.

As an artist, he goes by the name AphroVenus, and you can find more about him here

Screams of Paranoia
The Individual Darkness