Join or Renew with CF2

Annual membership dues are $75 for non-students and $50 for students. Additional support is very welcome.

You can pay annual dues using Venmo on your mobile phone and sending the amount to @cfcomposers or via your desktop here. You can also pay using Paypal here. Dues are collected annually with a preference for September 1. Please consider setting up an automatic payment.

Benefits of membership:

Your own profile page on

Regular performance opportunities (recent and upcoming examples include: Orlando Contemporary Chamber Orchestra 2022, 2023 & 2024); Lyric Arts Trio (2024); solo piano concert at Timucua (2021); Salon concert at Timucua (2021); Fernwood String Quartet at Dr. Philip’s Performaing Arts Center (2021); Collaboration poet Ariel Francisco and Burrow Press (2021).

Fellowship with local composers: we have quarterly social meetings.

We established five composers in residence with the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra in 2020-21 and are growing the program in 2022-24 (composers are already selected for this round).