Ryan McQuinn

Ryan McQuinn has worked on various video games and podcasts such as Lotia, Dungeons & Doritos, Call of Cthulu Mystery Program, Liberty: Vigilance, and Dark Dice. He is currently working working on Interstellar Space: Genesis with Grant Kirkhope and creating sfx for Axe Cop.

Ryan’s music has been performed live by Orlando Contemporary Chamber Orchestra and Alterity Chamber Orchestra.

When Ryan was growing up, his mother Susan McQuinn had flute students taking private lessons at the house, taught at universities, and performed in orchestras. Her inspiring example led him to learn piano, guitar, trombone, and drums at the age of eleven. Susan was also recording an album on her computer using Cakewalk at this time. Naturally, Ryan stole away into her office whenever he could to record music of his own.

Through the years, he mastered various recording software and played in different rock bands, most notably Bedlam Stories. After years of songwriting, recording, and playing live, 2012 presented him with an opportunity to work on the score for Dungeons & Doritos. His business has grown and is now called Neon Dolphin.

Ryan is a grateful member of Central Florida Composers Forum. Find more about Ryan and his music at NeonDolphinMusic.com.

Lotia Theme (Many Colors) – Composed by Ryan McQuinn – Orchestration by Jamie Wehr – performed by Orlando Contemporary Chamber Orchestra – Conductor Todd Craven
Interstellar Space Genesis: Battle – Featuring solo viola performed by Daniel Cortes – One of the battle tracks in the game Interstellar Space: Genesis, which was voted top a top 100 indie game of 2018 on Indie DB and also features music by world class video game composer Grant Kirkhope.
Promise to Return (Live Choir Only) – Conductor Susan McQuinn – New Life Choir – please hear complete piece on Interstellar Space: Genesis’ media page: https://www.interstellarspacegame.com/media/