Stan Cording

A native of Orlando, Florida, Stan Cording began studying piano at the age of 8 and eventually majored in music at Rollins College. While he has worked as a professional accompanist and pianist with various local ensembles, his avocation has always been music composition. At the beginning of his career, he pushed against the prevailing trend toward atonal or minimalist music, championing what has come to be known as New Lyricism – a re-engagement with tonality and melody. Cording has always strived to achieve an immediacy and clarity of expression that results in music that audiences love to hear and musicians find gratifying to perform. His album of Christmas music for strings, Christmas Carols Old and New, can be found on iTunes and Amazon, featuring both arrangements and original compositions.

A Christmas Carol for chorus and orchestra
Rouge Bouquet for Brass Quintet
Mov. 2, Nocturne, from Woodwind Quintet